Monday, May 6, 2013

DHMN Augments the Artemis Bridge Simulator Experience with TurBULL Encabulator!

Do you like space? Gaming?  Clever hacks?  If so, read on!
Members of the Distributed Hacker/Maker Network (DHMN) have used the 2013 version of the Red Bull TurBULL Encabulator from the Red Bull Creation Contest to create an interesting augmentation to the Artemis Bridge Simulator interface. This is the 2013 qualifier build for the Red Bull Creation Contest. The setup intercepts the communications between the Artemis client and the Artemis server, and decodes the packets with Python. It then displays informational items such as a ship movement indicator, shield status, damage detection, and "red alert" status. Check out the video:

This setup is currently installed in the main room of the Appleton Makerspace, powered by DHMN.

As noted later in the video, the installation also includes a "rave mode" that visually changes based on the music being played.

Judging for the Red Bull Creation contest will occur from May 6-11. The winners will be flown to New York to compete in the 72 hour Red Bull Creation main event and exhibition. The main event will be held in McCarren Park, Brooklyn NY from June 12-16.

EDIT: The code has been posted online to github:

EDIT #2: I've decided to upload another gameplay video from the Appleton Makerspace.  It shows how the setup works with the lights on.  I think it's still quite effective, although I apologize for the shaky footage from my camera:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Issue 12 of The MagPi is out!

There's a good review of operating systems for the Raspberry Pi in here: