Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Voice Opens up service to all US residents!

Google Voice has recently released its client to all US residents!  For those that are not aware, Google Voice is a telecommunications service that is available for web browsers and smart phones that has considerable functionality.  Prior to this announcement, an invite to Google Voice could be difficult to find.
Here is a video that describes Google Voice in more depth (courtesy of the Google Voice Blog):

Here is an infographic describing Google Voice in comparison to other methods of communication (also courtesy of the Google Voice Blog):

It is a very cool service.  If you haven't tried it out, I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEWLUG Presentation- Python 3

Here is the Presentation Video from this month's NEWLUG Presentation.  The topic of the Presentation is Python 3: An Introductory Presentation (or.... Python 3 for n00bs). The presenter is Ross Larson, who also happens to be the author of this blog.

Here are the slides from the Python presentation at NEWLUG:
Python 3 Intro Presentation for NEWLUG
View more presentations from NEWLUG.

Here is another useful Python Presentation I found on Slideshare.  I particularly like pages 40-58.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Android 2.2 running on iPhone 3G

Here is an interesting video of Android 2.2 running on an iPhone 3G:

Unfortunately Wi Fi, GPU Drivers, and Power Management don't work yet.
This is similar to my previous post about Android on iPhones.
For more info, check out the Linux on iPhone Blog.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Geo, Google APIs, Google Wave video from Google I/O 2010 released

As promised, Google has published the remaining videos from Google I/O on its Session Videos page.  The new videos are concerning Geo, Google APIs, and Google Wave.

Here are some sample videos.

Where you at? Connecting your users with the places around them:

Presentation PDF here.

Map once, map anywhere: Developing geospatial applications for both desktop and mobile:

Presentation PDF here.

Waving across the web:

Open source Google Wave: Building your own wave provider:

Presentation PDF is here.

Bringing Google to your site:

Presentation PDF here.

YouTube API uploads: Tools, tips, and best practices:

Presentation PDF is here.

HTML5 infographic

Wonderful infographic about HTML5 in addition to comparing and contrasting HTML5 technology with Flash, courtesy of

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The World of Programming" Infographic

Here is a nice infographic about the history of programming languages. The graphic was designed by Adit Gupta. A behind the scenes look of how the graphic was made is available here. A high-res version of the graphic is available here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Google I/O video Fireside Chats and Tech Talks released.

Right on schedule, Google has released videos from the Tech Talks and Fireside Chats at Google I/O 2010.

As before, here are some of the videos that were released.

Fireside chat with the Android team:

Fireside chat with the Google Chrome team:

Fireside chat with the Google Wave team:

Fireside chat with the App Engine team:

Tech Talks- Go Programming:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Google I/O : Chrome, Social Web sessions available

Videos continue to trickle out from developer sessions at Google I/O. Today, Social Web and Google Chrome videos were released. Here are some of them:
WebM Open Video Playback in HTML5:

Link to the PDF from the "WebM Open Video Playback in HTML5" presentation is here.

HTML5 Status Update:

Link to the PDF from the "HTML5 Status Update" presentation is here.

Developing web apps for Chrome Web Store:

Link to the PDF from the "Developing web apps for Chrome Web Store" presentation is here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Linux Journal Video: Split-pane file browsing in Ubuntu 10.04

Linux Journal recently published a tutorial video of mine showing you how to enable split-pane file browsing in Nautilus using Ubuntu 10.04

Another item of note: pressing F3 a second time brings you back to a single pane, with the folder in focus taking up the whole window, making the other folder vanish.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Embed Twitter Tweets in Blogger using Blackbird Pie

Here's a short video from 210consulting about embedding tweets into blogging services such as Blogger by using a Twitter tool called Blackbird Pie:

Here is an embedded tweet to show you how easy it can be! (Beware of recursion!)

This tweet is embedded in my blog at - want to find out how? than a minute ago via web

Google I/O Developer Sessions Video available.

Google recently published the individual breakout sessions from Google I/O on the Google Developers Youtube Channel.  They are publishing the videos and slides of each presentation gradually over the next week.
Here is the release schedule, as indicated on the Google I/O session video page:

  • Tues June 1: App EngineGWT
  • Wed June 2: EnterpriseAndroid
  • Thurs June 3: Google Chrome, Social Web
  • Fri June 4: Tech Talks, Fireside Chats
  • Mon June 7: Geo, Google APIs, Google Wave

Here are some sample videos to get you interested.
A Beginner's Guide to Android (with Reto Meier):

PDF of the "A Beginner's Guide to Android" session is here.

Google Web Toolkit's UI Overhaul:

Google Storage for Developers (For Google App Engine)

PDF of the presentation is here.

The original schedule for developer sessions is here.

For more info, check out the Google Code Blog and the Google I/O Twitter feed.

Videos and slides from #io2010 Android sessions are also available! than a minute ago via web

Lego Printer

Check out this awesome hack using Lego blocks and circuit boards to make a printer:

O' Reilly User Groups

O' Reilly recently added NEWLUG to their User Groups program. I'm very happy that they were willing to help us out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SimpleGeo Video showing geolocation services at SXSW

Here is an interesting video showing the location aware services that were being used during the 2010 South by SouthWest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. Maps on this video come from the OpenStreetMap project. This video comes to you courtesy of SimpleGeo, Inc.

SXSW Interactive Checkin Visualization from SimpleGeo Inc. on Vimeo.

Services shown in this video:

Technology is awesome. It looks like location-aware services are going to be the next big thing, given the surge in smartphone ownership and use.