Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suse Studio

Built with SUSE Studio

I recently gave a talk about Suse Studio at NEWLUG, which is my local Linux Users Group. Although I haven't been a big Suse user in the past, this new service has me excited and salivating at the different possibilities.
They have a variety of customized Linux build options, including on demand builds of VMWare virtual machines (which easily load in Virtualbox, by the way). It also allows you to create live CDs and DVDs, as well as hard drive images that can be installed on USB flash drives or directly to hard drives.

Amongst the potential uses:
  • You could make your own portable portfolio live-DVD, complete with running code samples or other work.
  • Purpose-built OS installs such as kiosks, educational disks, or development platforms built through a web browser instead of on an actual machine.
  • Virtual machines built to compile and test software before rolling out on a larger scale.
  • Honestly, the possibilities are limited solely by your imagination and the time you agree to put into it.

Click here to register for the beta, if you're interested.