Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ClamAV Live CD project renamed to OpenDiagnostics Live!

Brandon Perry, maintainer of the ClamAV LiveCD project, recently announced some updates to the project via his Volatile Minds Blog. The most notable change is a change to the name of the project, from ClamAV Live CD to OpenDiagnostics Live CD. While the ClamAV virus removal program still can be found on the disk, a great amount of additional utilities have been added, necessitating a change in name, since this is much more than a virus scanner.

Amongst the included programs:
The list of notable apps is here.

The project really crams a lot of utilities into a small download. I recommend adding this to your toolbox, either on a CD or USB stick (it will fit on a 512 meg USB stick if you use the Ubuntu USB Startup disk creator). Download the most recent version here, or visit the project page here.