Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pandora Console - More videos ...... and colored Pandora Consoles?

Seeing as there are now 12 videos from the "one vid per day" collection in the original slew of videos post, I figured that I'd start a new thread with the additional videos. Also, these videos are embedded using the iframe tag, so you should be able to watch these videos using HTML5, if you desire.

As an added surprise, recently some pictures were posted of colored Pandora case samples. No word on the actual availabilty of colored Pandora Consoles.

Video 13 (Remote Administration):

Video 14 (Homebrew Games, Part 1):

Video 15 (Homebrew Games, Part 2):

Video 16(Websurfing):

Video 17 (C64 Emulation):

Video 18 (Audio Players):

Video 19 (Neo Geo Emulation):

Video 20 (Multitasking):

Video 21 (Sega Emulation):

Video 22 (Applications, Part 1):

Video 23 (Applications, Part 2):

Video 24 (TV out Quality):

Video 25 (GBA Emulation):

Video 26 (MSX Emulation):

Video 27 (GP2X Emulation):

Video 28 (VCS2600 Emulation):