Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iControlPad website refreshed... orders to come soon?

The folks at iControlPad have refreshed their website, giving it a much cleaner look than before.
Here are some pictures from the site:

There isn't much site text, so I will display it here:

The iControlpad BT is ready, ordering begins at the end of January.

Supporting any phone/console/computer with Bluetooth.
Android, iOS, RIM, Windows, Linux, MacOS.
Digital Dpad, two analogue nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons.
Works on a non-jailbroken iPhone in keyboard mode.
Can charge your phone while you play via its own internal battery.
Side clips for most phones, more to follow.
Future proof - upgradable firmware, changeable side clips, solid hard wearing design.
Two years of design work by the people who brought you the Pandora.

3000 Units being delivered in February.
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There is also a link to sign up to receive emails from iContolPad. If you want more info, feel free to check it out!