Friday, April 5, 2013

DHMN - Appleton Makerspace - pictures before the move-in!

During the Distributed Hacker/Maker Network make session on Thursday, April 4th, some of the DHMN officers offered to take make session attendees on a tour of their newly obtained facility before the move-in date.  I happily complied, and took some pictures for posterity's sake.  The facility is located at 120 N. Morrison Street in Downtown Appleton, close to the Appleton Public Library and Harmony Cafe.  It is the basement of The Avenue HQ coworking facility.

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This image is of what may become the "lobby" of the space, situated at the foot of the stairwell from the The Avenue HQ co-working facility upstairs.

Here is the back hallway, giving access to some of the back rooms.

Here is the opening to the main makerspace room.  Drywall is still drying on the walls.

Here is a blurry look at the mainspace.  Our DHMN President is in the foreground.

Here is the excellent kitchen. I can almost smell the Hot Pockets!

One of the storage rooms contains a positively ancient phone system.

Check out the awesome hand soldering!

That's about all for now. If you're interested in being a member and watching this space develop, consider giving a donation or becoming a member!