Thursday, December 3, 2009

Intel announces 48 core CPU! Dubbed "Single-chip Cloud Computing".

Intel recently announced a 48 core processor, dubbing it "Single-chip Cloud Computing". We are reaching the point where our children will look at us and ask "Back in the olden days, did you really have to use a computer with only one computing core? It must have been so slow!"

Here are some videos that explain the technology:

Note in the first video (starting around 1:40), they mention the motherboard and operating system setup for testing a chip such as this:
"...We also developed a Linux operating system for this platform based on the full-featured standard Linux kernel where we applied the necessary changes for the specifics of this experimental platform..."
Score one for Intel, but give the assist to Linux.

Props to HotHardware for their excellent coverage of the news.
For more videos, check out Intel's YouTube channel.

Seeing the developments in Linux private cloud computing, such as Ubuntu's Enterprise Cloud and ParaScale's Cloud Storage Solutions, chips such as this one will help pave the way for task specific operating systems and appliances in addition to coding projects that will take advantage of the massively parallel power that these chips possess. We live in exciting times...