Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phoronix releases Phoromatic 1.0!

Phoronix, ever on the leading edge of cross-platform benchmarking, announced today that they are releasing version 1.0 of Phoromatic, an innovative remote test management system used in conjunction with the Phoronix Test Suite.

Among the new features in Phoromatic 1.0:
  • Generation of composite graphs (showing geometric mean, harmonic mean, and aggregate sum for all test data on a particular day).
  • Narrowing down the graphs that are visible
  • Viewing information about Phoromatic test systems in real-time
  • Creation of an automatic RSS feed for test results
  • Feature rich results tables
  • Integrated system log viewers (such as this one).

Along with the announcement of Phoromatic 1.0, Phoronix has announced a partnership with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, to provide daily updates on the performance of the most recent daily builds of Ubuntu packages (10.04 as of now). It is called the Phoromatic Ubuntu Tracker. Daily Ubuntu benchmarks are provided on three systems- a Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, as well as two Atom 330 NetTops. This automated testing and benchmarking will provide much-needed insight into the development process, as there will be a great deal of test data available when changes are made to packages in the Operating System.

To reinforce Phoromatic's focus on cross-platform benchmarking, they mention that this benchmarking is available on Linux, any of the BSD-based OSes, Mac OSX, and OpenSolaris. They are also working on support for Windows Operating Systems, as well.

For companies that are looking to perform internal benchmark testing, Phoronix offers PTS Commercial, which offers enterprise-level support to the benchmarking process.

For those of you with an eye towards the horizon, Phoronix is working feverishly on Phoronix Test Suite version 2.6, code-named "Lyngen", and plan to release version 2.6 in May of 2010.

Happy Benchmarking, everyone!