Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google I/O 2010 has begun! VP8 open-sourced! Keynote now online!

Google I/O 2010 is underway! For those of you that are not in San Francisco, here is the Google I/O agenda.

To save you the work of searching for it, here is the 2010 Google G/O Keynote. It was originally posted in twelve parts on their Google Developers Youtube channel. Twelve parts, Google? Really? Isn't this 10 minute limit on videos starting to limit you, seeing as you had to cut your keynote into a dozen parts? To give you an idea of how ADD'ed out society is, at the time of the first version of this post, part 1 of the keynote had 42,373 views, but part 12 only had 4,736 views. That's right, Google. Nearly 90 percent of your audience didn't watch all the way to the end.
Luckily, they have since released a full version, which is embedded below:

For those of you who did pay attention the whole way through, there were quite a few interesting announcements. Here are some of them:

Google loooooves HTML5. They are looking to leverage it anywhere and everywhere. Google wants video to be everywhere, efficient, and open. Google is open-sourcing On2's VP8 under the WebM project. A nice surprise is that the OGG Theora people have agreed to embrace the new standard, meaning that we can hope to avoid codec flame-wars. They are working hard to provide a ton of APIs that interoperate with existing technologies like CSS to allow people to make the web a more video-friendly place.

Google is attempting to make web app store for web applications, similar to the app stores that exist for smartphones. They are looking to leverage the WebGL framework to leverage cool 3D apps, like Darkroom (from MugTug) and Lego Star Wars (through Unity).

Google Wave is open-sourcing most of its framework, in the hopes that it will be the backbone of the collaborative web, especially concerning project management. Wave is now open. You no longer need an invite to get in. Just go to They mentioned that Novell Pulse and SAP's Streamwork will be inter-operable will Google Wave. They are also working hard at making it easier to embed waves into existing web site.

Google talked about the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and its integration with Spring Roo to create rich web applications. It is simply amazing to see the power of the Java programming language on the web with these tools. And...integrated plugins for Eclipse! Is there anything that Eclipse can't do? Props to the Ben Alex for using Ubuntu for the demo!

Don't be evil?
In showing a demo of millions and millions of expense report entries, it looks like they had some fun with the data. You'll notice that I've circled "Money Laundering" as one of the Engineering department's activities. Hmm, isn't that.... evil?
Google I/O

Google announced the upcoming availability of Google App Engine for Business, along with a roadmap for implementation. They are aiming to make enterprise development and deployment much easier, including deploying apps under your own domain and controlling permissions for a large number of developers under the same projects.

I will try to get the Day 2 Keynote up as soon as I can.