Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google I/O Day 2 Keynote video/notes

Keynote Video is trickling out. Much slower for the second day than the first. Apparently, they are having issues with copyright/licensing since they showed TV footage (including NBA game footage) during the demo of Google TV).
Per the Youtube GoogleDeveloper page:
Due to licensing and permissions issues, we are unable to show the full Google TV demonstration from the Day 2 keynote at Google I/O. Until we are able to get these permissions, please check out these clips.

Android portion of the Day 2 Keynote:

Google TV clips (apologies for the multiple parts):

Here are some of the big announcements from the Google I/O Day 2 keynote:

Google doesn't like Apple's closed stance on things. They don't believe that one person should be in charge of the Internet.

Updates to the Android Marketplace:
It looks like Google is going to offer music downloads via the Android Marketplace. They've already addressed the first objection to their music store- what if I already have a ton of music someplace else? Well, they also showed off the ability to stream your (non-DRM) music collection via a PC to your Android device. The example was a nice little clip from Earth, Wind, and Fire. Feel the funk, y'all.

Some of the thunder of this portion of the presentation was tempered by announcements that had leaked out before the Google I/O conference, such as this one from Android Police, but there were still a lot of cool things shown off about the newest version of Android. As rumored, there appears to be a large performance increase, especially with Javascript. Let's mention the announcements in bullet point form.
In Android 2.2:
  • There are some great UI improvements when sending things to Android from your PC. In general, the OS will be more friendly when you send it apps, directions, and web pages.
  • The Dalvik VM will have a just-in-time (jit) compiler, increasing performance.
  • There is Exchange integration, allowing for administrators to have much better control on business email.
  • There are APIs that allow Android phone users to migrate information from one Android phone to another with minimal fuss.
  • There will be a Flash 10.1 beta at launch, and Adobe AIR compatibility. They showed off how Nickelodeon's web site on an iPad, then showed what it looked like on Froyo. Android wins.
  • You will be able to tether via USB and Wi Fi. They connected an iPad to their Android phone to show off the tech, which brought some chuckles from the audience.
  • Improvements to hardware access via the browser, such as using the camera and accelerometer via the browser.
  • Apps will be easier to update, including the addition of an "update all" button for apps, and the ability to tell the OS to automatically update apps for you.
  • Updated bug reporting, allowing developers to see the stack trace from users who upload bug reports.
  • Easier to use SD card storage. They are hoping that the process of moving content is easier with their UI updates.
  • Improved voice recognition, including translation ability. They showed off an on-the-fly translation from English to French, and it wasn't half bad. It's still not a replacement for learning a foreign language, but it's getting a little bit closer.

Google TV:

A large amount of the day two keynote focused on Google TV, an upcoming development that attempts to make television more personalized and user-friendly. Sony, Logitech, Adobe, Dish Network, and Best Buy are on board. Looks like we may be seeing Google TVs and Google add-on boxes before Christmas of this year. Google TV will also integrate with the Android market, meaning that you will be able to use android apps on your TV.

Google quite a few attendees happy by announcing free Sprint HTC EVO 4G phones (and Google TV socks) to all in attendance. None were given to those watching on Youtube, however. Maybe they can send free swag to the Youtubers next year. Maybe this will speed up the adoption of 4G in the US. Maybe not.