Monday, August 24, 2009

Problem Solving Skills

(This image comes courtesy of

A large number of the problems that I fix for friends and family could be managed using this flow chart. If you're not a tech person by nature, consider printing this out.
Thank you to xkcd for your geek humor. It is always appreciated.
If you appreciate it too, then read more comics and buy stuff from their store.

There are a couple of interesting topics to dwell on here. xkcd is released under a Creative Commons license, proving once again that the biggest challenge facing a modern artist isn't piracy, it's obscurity.

Also, this particular comic helps explain that system administration isn't a group of facts as much as it is a mindset for solving problems. Granted, the sysadmin mindset tends to help you accumulate knowledge and experience that often come in handy in hairy situations, but the method of thought and reasoning that helps you find unknown or undocumented solutions is the true asset.