Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stanford college courses .... for FREE!

Haven't you ever wanted to attend a class at Stanford? If so, the Internet wants to help you out. Stanford has released a variety of courses for free to the to public using youtube, showing us that youtube can be used for more than just reruns of He-Man, videos of Super Mario World speedruns, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, and the evolution of dance. The Stanford courses that I'd like to point out here are going to be computer related, because I'm that kind of guy. The first course I'd recommend looking at is Programming Methodology. It's Stanford's actual CS106A Programming Course from 2008. Following that, try out Programming Abstractions, which is Stanford's CS106B course. After watching those 55 videos, feel free to check out Programming Paradigms, which is Stanford's CS107 course. How cool is it to have this soft of information available for free? Rhetorical questsions aside, please take advantage of these wonderful resources. I've embedded the first CS106A video in this post to save you the trouble of clicking: